Best parts of Wireless Fest.

So Wireless festival has just passed and there have been some interesting things going on. This is sort of a Part 2 of my last post as there have been some interviews and pictures which could suggest some possible future link ups and collabs. Anyway lets talk about some of the more interesting things that happened over this weekend.

First off let me just say the videos I’ve seen suggest the event was a major success with a lot of the sets really popping off. One of the more exciting reasons why I like Wireless is because of the amount of successful American artists that come out to the Festival in London and link up with UK artists. We saw this with Drake and Skepta at Wireless 2015. Anyway below is a pick showing some of the link ups:

Greatness only 🙏🙏🙏 #wirelessfest

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We have Skepta hanging with The Weeknd, Rae Sremmurd with Young T & Bugsey and Kojo Funds with Young Thug. I believe Young Thug actually brought out Kojo during his set also.

I also saw some interviews with Post Malone showing his love for 67 and other UK artists. Desiigner showing his love for Abra Cadabra and saying that they’re hitting up the studio later on, so I’m looking forward to that.

I think another talking point is the Nines situation where he was prevented to go on stage to perform with Tory Lanez:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 15.50.46

Tory Lanez had previously shown a lot of love for Nines on social media and I think he was spotted in Church Road so there could be a possible collaboration incoming. Anyway I don’t know why Nines was stopped but it would have been good to see them on stage together. And I look forward to see what relationships Wireless has started.



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