5 times the remix was way better than the original.

When you start to get tired of a song there’s nothing like a fresh new remix to give you a brand new perspective of the song. Sometimes it can really live in the shadow of the original, but this is a list of the top 5 remixes that in my opinion were even better than the original. For this post I will be focusing on UK music in recent(ish) years. Lets begin:

5. AJ Tracey – Spirit Bomb (Remix)

Spirit Bomb introduced me to a few new artists that I now listen to regularly and so I had to feature it. The song itself is great, Dave and AJ from the Lane link up once again, but we also get solid verses from PK, Merky Ace, Cadell & more. If you’re new to Grime, this could be a good introduction.

4. Dave – Wanna Know (Drake Remix)

This song features just because I think it had a massive impact on the UK scene, in particular Dave. Dave was making major moves in the UK previous to this dropping but I think this secured his name worldwide. Also I think it strengthened relationships between UK, USA and Canadian artists perhaps setting up future collabs.

3. Denzel Curry – Knotty Head (UK Remix)

Knotty Head for me shows that UK and USA link ups are possible and they can sound great. I think Denzel Curry is one of the artists from US who could probably do well on a grime beat. He’s a lot more lyrical and isn’t too focused on melodies like a lot of other American artists. I was excited when I saw this link up and the tune definitely doesn’t disappoint.

2. Abra Cadabra – Robbery (Remix)

For me Robbery has to feature, Abra Cadabra went from a Blackbox to one of the top songs of 2016. I still think this is one of the best hooks in recent years coming from the UK and Krept and Konan add the experience and clever lyricism to make this an outstanding song.

  1. Wizkid ft Drake & Skepta – Ojuelegba (Remix)

This is, of what I remember, the first time I really saw Drake and Skepta link up on a song and I think this this was one of the births of the surge of the Grime scene, even though the song is far from Grime. The song is ridiculously catchy and both Drake and Skepta deliver great verses. It really brings together 3 very different artists from 3 different backgrounds into one song and works brilliantly.

That’s it. Some which could have also featured:

Mercston – All now Remix.

Lethal Bizzle – Fester Skank Remix ft Stormzy, Chip, Fuse ODG, Wretch 32.

WSTRN – In2 Remix ft. Wretch 32, Chip, Geko.

Yungen Ft Sneakbo – Ain’t On Nuttin’ Remix 2

Krept & Konan – Don’t Waste my Time Remix.



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