Tyler, The Creator – Who Dat Boy : Analysis

Tyler, The Creator is one of the few American artists I truly listen to, mainly just due to his outlandish and unique style in any piece of work he creates. And so even though this blog has only focused on UK music, I will be making an exception for this one post as I feel I have to talk about it.

So Tyler is back with a new song featuring A$AP Rocky and there is so much to talk about. That being the actual song, its lyrics and the imagery in the music video. I’ll let you check out the video first:

I think the first scene where we see Tyler inventing something is just a scene to show that he is a creative guy and likes to sort of pave his own way as an artist. He’s not just a rapper but has his name suggests a creator, he’s already “created” his own clothing line GOLF and also directed “Loiter Squad”. This is backed up in the lyrics where he says:

“fuck the rap, I’m tryna own a planet,

From my other fucking business ventures”

He also sports some of his clothing line whilst running down the street where we eventually meet the surgeon Rocky.

Overall in the first verse Tyler is just basically explaining how he’s a true artist and a real individual. Stating he doesn’t buy clothes at the Mall he designs and creates them himself. He also makes a few references to a few of the past projects like Cherry Bomb, the song Run and also a short reference to the Boston bombings.

“that cherry be the bomb like he ran in Boston”

During and after Rocky’s verse we get into the most talked about scene in the video, where Rocky stitches a white face onto Tyler after half his face is blown off in the beginning scene. I don’t really know what to make of the scene, people say Rocky stitched a white face on so he wouldn’t get pulled by the cops. Anyway the whole thing is really creative and Tyler seems to continue to come up with ideas and imagery I would never even think of.


There’s also references to young Leonardo DiCaprio in both the video and lyrics, in the opening scene we see Tyler working under a poster of young Leo and towards the end when he’s riding in the car the passenger bares a resemblance to a ’95 Leo. In the lyrics Tyler says “I’m currently looking for a ’95 Leo”, and has previously shown his love for him on twitter.

Apart from that I cant really see anything else, I suppose its up for discussion. Everyone will have their own opinions on the video and the song but I think Tyler has done a great job. Music should provoke some sort of emotion otherwise its pointless, and Tyler is exceptional at doing this whilst still making everything look sick in the video.

There are some theories that Tyler maybe dropping his album on the 3rd of July as with his past two projects, WOLF and Cherry Bomb, he released singles 4 days before, being IFHY and FUCKING YOUNG. But we’ll have to see what comes next..



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