Top 5 UK Summer Songs for 2017

So it’s coming to the end of June now and Summer is well and truly here so I’ve decided to create a quick Top 5 list of some of the summer songs I’ll be playing this year, and some you should perhaps check out. In this list I will try to keep clear of any mainstream big hits that’ll you’ll almost definitely hear when you turn on the radio, and try to focus on some songs you may not have heard. Let’s begin:

5. Spirit – J Hus

So one of my previous posts was about J Hus’ newest album Common Sense. Spirit is my favourite track from the album and definitely deserves a place on this list. There is no music video as of yet.

4. Higher – Solo 45 ft JME

This song definitely provides the summer feel and so I was disappointed to see it was posted in freezing February. I feel that the song would have done much better if it was released say a couple of weeks ago, although I understand Solo did release 5ive on the same day. This song provides nothing really with regards to clever lyricism although JME’s verse is decent, all about the vibe really.

3. New Path – Novelist

So this is Nov’s newest song, which doesn’t have a music video, not yet at least. But this song makes the list because I think its just really calming. Novelist also recently came out with his “Be Blessed” EP so please be sure to check that out.

2. Not3s – Aladdin

I think Not3s has really been putting in work since I first heard him with “Addison Lee”, with a few features here and there, but I think Aladdin is his best piece of work since then. I think the Afro Beats genre is really having a surge in popularity and Not3s is almost definitely one of the people at the forefront of this.

  1. Unsigned – Hardy Caprio ft. One Acen

Number 1 spot for me goes to Hardy and One Acen. The tracks hook is really good and definitely has the summer vibe but it’s Hardy’s first verse that really makes it stand out. The way he alters Giggs’ Talkin the Hardest is really clever and he makes it work so well. I’ve been excited to hear new music from Hardy and I understand he’s recently finished University so perhaps now he can put a full amount of time into his music, and I look forward to hearing more.

Anyway thats it, feel free to leave an comments about any others you feel should make the list.


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