Review: Screw & Brew

So this is just a post about one song, being Screw & Brew by MoStack ft Mist. Similar to the post about Samantha by Dave & J Hus, it’s just a post about a song that I think will do really well and will probably be one of the highlights of the year for UK music. The track was released just over a week ago so I am a bit late but you can check out the video here and be sure to check out MoStack’s mixtape High Street Kid.


Just gonna say a little bit about the track as I’m sure once you’ve given it a listen you’ll understand. MoStack & Mist’s chemistry is really demonstrated in this song, as this is not the first time they’ve come together to create music. The song flows really well with Mist’s hook being particularly good. I think MoStack has developed a reputation in the UK as an artist who can really deliver catchy singles, and with the new mixtape he has proven he can also create a solid body of work.

MoStack’s new mixtape ‘High Street Kid’ I think is destined to be a success, with many fans calling out the MOBO’s insisting on a nomination for MoStack, which I can only agree with.




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