Review: Common Sense

It’s been a while since I posted, but I feel like this topic needed one. J Hus just released his newest album Common Sense, and in one of my previous posts I said 2016 was not J Hus’ year. I’m pretty sure 2017 will be different and I will be playing songs from this album until 2018.

Anyway if you don’t know who J Hus is he is an artist from Stratford, London, who’s main genre is probably categorised as Afro Beats but I think he’s a lot more than that which I’ll mention later. Common sense is I believe his first proper album, he has released a mixtape ‘The 15th Day” which is also actually really good so check that out too. But this post is focused on the newest album so lets get into it:

J Hus

Image: Mr Coleman

I won’t go through every track but I’ll talk about a few favourites and the album overall. Let’s start with the tracks we’ve already heard as they were released as singles, ‘Friendly’ & ‘Did you see’ both proved to be very successful singles with ‘Did you see’ charting at number 12 on the UK singles chart.

Now moving onto my favourite track off the album, ‘Spirit’. Honestly I think if J Hus releases this as a single and produces a good visual to go with it, the song could easily make the Top 10 chart. I love the song’s vibe, you cant help but smile when listening. That’s what I think J Hus is all about, is music is so unique and the vibes he gives out are great.

Another song which I really liked but has a sort of different feel is ‘Clartin’. The song shows a different side to J Hus, I think more closely related to his ‘Bad Boys’ feature on GSAP.

Now let’s look at the features, the album features four different artists. It was suspected MIST and MoStack would be featured as I’m sure there was a leak on YouTube earlier this year. The track ‘Fisherman’ is another one of my favourites, and even though I’ve said the album is more about the vibe rather than the lyrics, on the track ‘Mash up’, MoStack delivers some solid lyricism and clever punchlines which I was a fan off.

Overall, this album is probably my favourite release of 2017, I know Chip and Bugzy Malone both have projects in the pipeline so we’ll see of this is still my favourite by 2018. J Hus is really a one of a kind and you cannot restrict him to the Afro Beats genre, he is such an iconic artist, I mean the guy makes up his own slang, “Fanta with no Hice”. He is such an important part of the UK scene and we are yet to see it but I would love to see the impact he could potentially have on the USA.



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