RIP Daily Duppy: Top 5

The Daily Duppy series is probably GRMDaily’s biggest series and one of the most popular in the UK scene. I think its popularity stems from its exposure of new talent, by providing artists with a platform, and its amazing video editing skills making sure that no punchlines go over your head. The series was one of my favourites and I am sad to see it go. The final episode featured Wretch 32 and he does a great job in sending it off. This post is a look back to 5 of my favourite Daily Duppy’s throughout the years:

5. Scrufizzer x Maxsta, S4:E8

Start things off with Scrufizzer and Maxsta, this features just because of the way they go back to back. Its a lot different to most of the others being packed with energy and it gives off a real grimey feel.

4. Giggs, S4:E14

Giggs demonstrates here why he is the Godfather of Rap in the UK. The tune he actually released separately and is called “Dirty Bastard” so you can check that out as well. But I think the visuals in the Daily Duppy give it that little extra.

3. Krept & Konan, S2:E8

If you’re a fan of clever wordplay look no further. This is the oldest Daily Duppy on the list and I think was one of the first I heard. Krept & Konan never fail to deliver and this is no exception.

2. Avelino S5:E3

Avelino has learned from the best coming up with Wretch and this track he demonstrated how good he really is. Too much wordplay and too many clever punchlines to mention. Give it a listen.

1 .Ghetts, S5:E5

Number 1 spot has to go to Ghetts, here are honestly some of the best punchlines I’ve ever heard. Some go over your head even with the help of the production. I recommend listening a good few times before you get everything, then I’m sure you’ll understand why this is number 1.

These were just my favourites, there were so many others and its a tough decision so feel free to comment on any other swaps you would’ve made or any improvements to the list.


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