Scottish Grime

So it’s 2017 now and I’m pretty sure most of the UK knows about grime, although probably only listen to artists from London and maybe Manchester and Birmingham. Something that I’ve heard about for a while now is Scottish grime although I’ve neglected it by assuming that I wouldn’t understand their accent and it wouldn’t work. Looking back, I was very naive as now I have seen that the talent from the north is far from mediocre. Here are two artists you should definitely check out:


Shogun is definitely one of the popular Scottish MC’s with ‘Vulcan’ at this time of writing at 1.7m views. The 19 year old is from Paisley in Scotland and his freestyles have really blown up on YouTube, Vulcan in particular shows Shogun opening up about the pain and struggles of his youth. As expected some parts were hard to understand but the flow of the whole thing really made up for that. With his recent feature on SBTV for his ‘Warm Up Session’ I predict big things if people can overcome the accent and he keeps up the work rate.

Ransom FA

Ransom FA is another one of the popular Scottish artists. He has songs featured with Shogun (above) but also some London artists such as Merky Ace and Maxta, so it’s good to see that London artists are also feeling this uptrend of Scottish MC’s. Ransom has songs on SBTV, Link up, GRM, and represents Scotland on Risky Roads international. I recommend listening to all of his work and in particular my favourite Wishing ft Merky Ace.

So this was just a short introduction to what Scotland have to offer and there are a lot more talented MC’s out there. Most if it is easily found on YouTube so check it out if you can. One of the most interesting things about Scottish grime is of course the accent and it is really the main reason I’ve written this post. I feel that my first introduction to Scottish grime may have been very similar to American people’s first opinion and introduction to grime in general. It’s always that excuse of I don’t really know what they’re saying so I won’t bother. I think that if grime from different areas of the UK, not just Scotland, becomes more popular and ‘blows up’ there is no reason why it can’t do the same in America. And so I feel this could be the start of something big for the scene!


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