So I think here we’ve got, for me at least, 2017’s first really big hit from the UK. If you’ve read my Top 10 grime & Uk rap songs of 2016 you would have noticed that J Hus did not feature. I think 2017 might be slightly different and this year will show big things for J Hus. As for Dave I really see no end to his potential, with rumours going around that he’ll be brought out at Drake’s headline show in London he is truly destined for a great future. It’s definitely well deserved as you can tell this guy is just raw talent. Anyway on to the song:


Firstly lets really appreciate the beat, the heavy bass line accompanied with the piano melody really works well and sets a perfect vibe for the song, shout out to JAE5. As well as this the music video really fits the beat. Dave never fails to impress here showing his versatility with a solid hook that is definitely up there with is “Wanna Know”. As for his verse, not as lyrical as a lot of his previous work but there are still some clever punchlines, if you watch Suits you’ll know. I also like the way Dave can switch his flow with ease. Now J Hus, I do think this will be the start of his return. He can seem to make any song wavy which again he demonstrates here, but also he showcases some more fast paced rapping ability which I haven’t seen too much of. I look forward to hearing more from him in 2017.

This is my first song review as such and I think I’ll only really do these if I think the song will have a strong impact. So just a short review of what I thought and overall I’ll give this song a rating of 8.9/10.


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