M1 EP [Review]

The M1 EP is a 6 track EP by artists Mez and DaVinChe. Mez also known as ‘Uncle Mez’ from Nottingham has built reputation as an one of the top young MC’s in the grime scene with his songs being played on national radio and also being a supporting act on Stormzy’s ‘Live in the flesh tour’. DaVinChe from South London is a very talented self-taught studio producer who has produced some very influential tracks in the grime scene such as ‘Kano – P’s and Q’s’ and ‘Rider feat. Ghetts, JME, Steelo, Keedo.’ DaVinChe’s talents extend further than being a grime producer, he is a pianist, guitarist and has performed a classical concert for the BBC.


Anyway let’s move on to this EP, it was released on June the 13th 2016 and to be honest since I discovered it I haven’t stopped listening. When it comes to bringing the energy Mez certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you’re ever feeling tired or feel like you are lacking in energy I recommend listening to ‘Riding & Flexing’. It doesn’t stop there, for an EP which really only has 4 full songs, it has a very strong feature list. The third track, ‘Lex Luther’ featuring Stormzy again really brings the hype with both artists exercising their two different styles. With regards to style, there are some people that accuse Mez of stealing the flow of Grime legend D Double E, I feel this is not the case. There is a difference between being influenced by someone and completely copying them, I feel that Mez certainly has his own unique style.

Up next on the feature list is another artist who is making massive strides in the scene, AJ Tracey and also Harvey, who to be honest I have not heard much about. That being said I was very impressed with his verse switching up his flow half way through, I think it worked well. I would have liked to have heard an AJ Tracey verse on the track but he delivers solid hook.

Finally onto my favourite track of the EP, ‘London to Nottz’ where basically Mez talks about his travels to London to link up with DaVinChe and other London MC’s. The hook is beautifully sung Allana Verde where she says no matter where you are from London to Nottingham you’ve got the hood in your heart. I feel that the number of Grime MC’s coming from out of town areas, town being London, is increasing and we are discovering more talent whilst also making the genre more well known and diverse. Of course more talent means more competition and more completion means better music being created and so everyone benefits from these kind of link ups.

I’ve feel like I’ve got to touch on the production also as DaVinChe’s work can not go unnoticed. The structure of the project with the intros and interludes really make the EP flow and make you understand the work that goes in travelling back and forth to London. The instrumentals are also produced very well, really giving an fast grimey feel which anyone can as Mez says “shake a leg” to.

Rating: 7.9/10


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