The Art of Lyrical Warfare: Top 10

In any scene of every profession there is always competition to be the best and so one way of proving your superiority in the music scene, especially in rap, is through rap battling or by releasing ‘Diss Tracks’. I feel that this is a sign of a thriving and healthy seen and so recently there have been many so called diss tracks about in the grime scene. This post is just just a list of some of my favourites that I have heard. I have left out any clashes and live events such as LOTM or Don’t Flop and focused on actual recordings and song that have been professionally produced. I have also limited the list to one track per artist:

10.Eyez – F**k the Grime scene


Aimed at: Big H, Kozzie, Little D, Maxta, Sox, Cadell, Saskilla, Manga & more.

This may come as a surprise that Eyez features on the top 10 of all time. If you thought Chip sent for a lot of people on ‘Pepper Riddim’ give this a listen, too many names to mention!

Favourite Bar – “Who’s gonna get spun? I know I won’t/I don’t write slow, my biro’s nitro

F**k the Grime Scene

9. Skepta – Nasty


Aimed at: Devilman.

Skepta’s track ‘Nasty’ is another product of Chip’s Pepper Riddim, although it’s fair to say Skepta and Devilman have their history. The Lord of the Mics clash between the two in 2005 is probably the most well known clash in Grime history and it still seems they’re not each others biggest fans.

Favourite Bar – “Repeated my bars oh yeah that’s nice/ Cos when your bars are hard like mine fam sometimes man have got to say them twice.”


8. Scrufizzer – I don’t believe you


Aimed at: Ghetts.

This track was made due to accusations from Ghetts calling out Scrufizzer for copying his song and shooting the same visual. There was no reply from Ghetts after this track but to be honest it was very unlikely. The song features due to how good it sounds, the instrumental which is a remix of ‘Eminem – Slim Shady’ is one of my favourites from 2016. Big up @mischiefproductionz!

Favourite bar – “You will never be better than Kane and you’re a whole year older I bet that hurts”

I don’t believe you

7. Dot Rotten – It’s over


Aimed at: Wiley.

Dot Rotten or Zeph Ellis is probably in my top 5 MC’s of all time. This song is a cover of Drake’s song Over and out of the tracks Dot and Wiley exchanged in this clash this one stands out. Honestly I think the hook is one of Dot’s best to date.

Favourite bar – “If grime is your estate you’ll see me refurbishing the houses”

It’s Over

6. Ghetts – Destruction of the Eiffel Tower


Aimed at: P Money.

Ghetts v P Money is probably one of the most well known clashes in Grime history. Both artists made some of the most popular diss tracks in the scene and I feel this track was Ghetts’ best. The question is will any of P Money’s appear further down the list?

Favourite bar – “I’m looking at P from the top and the lift don’t work and I’ve kicked the ladder”

Destruction of the Eiffel Tower

5. Chip – Run out riddim


Aimed at: Bugzy Malone.

Chip vs Bugzy really has been Grime’s biggest buzz over the last few years and has drawn a lot of attention to the scene. I’d say this is Chip’s most aggressive track he made over this clash and to be honest it’s my favourite.

Favourite bar – “How can a chipmunk fight with a lion?/ How did David kill Goliath” 

Run out riddim

4. Devlin – Extra Extra


Aimed at: Wiley.

Devlin made Extra Extra when he was 17 and Wiley was close to 30. The track was made because Wiley said that Scratchy was the best white MC and not Devlin. 17 year old Devlin really showcased his talent on this track and even Wiley admitted he lost this clash on a recent NFTR interview.

Favourite bar – “You won’t blow like Dylan/ You counterfeit villain”

Extra Extra

3. Bugzy Malone – Relegation Riddim


Aimed at: Chip.

Not many people knew who Bugzy Malone was before 2015 but know he has cemented is name in grime being one of the most talked about MC’s. The track features so highly on the list for many reasons. Firstly he travelled all the way to Tottenham to film the video. The hook is also a remix of Chip’s song School of Grime and overall the track is filled with clever punchlines.

Favourite bar – “I thought you were signed to a major/ I don’t think your labels paid ya/ Cos I heard you spent your money hiring Chris Brown out for the day”

Relegation Riddim

2. P money – War Dub


Aimed at: Ghetts.

P Money does feature above Ghetts on this list. Honestly I feel out of all the tracks the artists sent to each other, this topped them all.

Favourite bar – “If grime flopped Ghetts wouldn’t be p****d off/ he’d still have a job as a lookalike Chris Rock” 

War Dub

1.Wiley – Therapy Battling 


Aimed at: Dot Rotten, D Double E, Ghetts & Durrty Goodz.

Wiley is no stranger to lyrical warfare, he’s had a clash with almost everyone in the scene. Therefore there were many tracks to choose from, therapy battling is the best diss track I’ve heard in my opinion. There’s just something different about Wiley’s flow every line is delivered with a certain punch.

Favourite bar – “It could be Ghetts, Rotten, Goodz, Double, i still know i’m gonna defeat ya”

Therapy Battling

So that is it! Again these are my opinions and just because a track features doesn’t mean the artist won the clash overall. If you have any thoughts on my picks or perhaps some that aren’t mention and you think should be, feel free to leave a comment.



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