Cold side of the pillow.

Kamakaze is a MC from Leicester City, I first heard of him when I heard his SBTV warm up session. Then recently I was impressed when I heard him on Red Bull’s Grime-A-Side series and so I decided to check out some of his music that he released. Kamakaze is obviously a very talented lyricist but his talents extend further than this as he is also a professional footballer. You can listen to the SBTV Warm Up Session as he draws the comparisons between football and MC-ing. Aswell as this I would recommend listen to both parts of his Road Rage on JDZ Media.


Now on to the mixtape, the style and flow is a lot different to his fast paced freestyles you may find on YouTube. I feel that he has taken influence from some American artists and not London MC’s which is nice to see as he is defining his own style in the UK scene. The whole vibe of the EP is very calm and chilled. All of the tracks show clever lyrical wordplay and I particularly enjoyed the track ‘Ebony Orchid’ which demonstrated Kamakaze’s ability as one of the top lyricists in the UK. Tracks like ‘When I’m Alone’ really display Kamakaze’s honest views on his life and on some of the choices he’s made.  In “Willow Branches’ we also see glimpses of his two careers, both MC’ing and Professional Football, and the choices he has made in choosing between the two different paths and deciding who he really is.

Overall I enjoyed listening to the EP and one thing I noticed is that from the lyrics and sort of ‘slang’ used you can tell Kamakaze is from the UK. Although you cannot really tell there is an accent and every word is clear, so to Americans who haven’t really given UK music a chance because they don’t understand the words or can’t quite follow, (which is understandable), perhaps give this a listen:

Cold Side of the Pillow.

Overall Rating: 7.7/10




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